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K-Lite mounted on Pole Stand.  Barn Doors installed

K-Lite with MP/4 copy stand.  Transparency Kit and Precision Mount installed

The K-Lite is an intense, diffuse, flicker-free compact fluorescent light source featuring excellent color rendition.  The K-Lite is ideally suited for both reflective and transmissive subject high resolution electronic image scanning. The significantly reduced infrared content of the K-Lite (compared to conventional incandescent light sources) allows photography of sensitive subjects with correspondingly less heat damage.


The  K-Lite was developed jointly by photographic and electronic specialists to fulfill lighting requirements of the new long shutter duration electronic scanning cameras.  The solution that evolved was a highly efficient, state-of-the-art fluorescent light source that meets the special requirements of video and digital photography while remaining long-term cost effective.

Photometric Specifications  

Output Intensity:  23,200 Lumen.

Corrolated Color Temperature (CCT):  5,000 Kelvin (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K color temperature lamps are also available).

Frequency of Energization:  27 kHz nominal (flicker-free for electronic imaging).

Color Rendering Index (CRI):  98 (5000K lamps installed).

Light Meter Reading (ASA100,1/60th):  F11 measured at 50cm (20 in.), (similar to a 1000W tungsten light source).

Spectral Power Distribution Graph:

Lumen Maintenance Graph:  

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements:  120 VAC, 350 Watts  (3m (9ft.) power cord standard).

Light Source:  An array of eight 39W OSRAM DULUX®L Trichrome Phosphor, compact fluorescent lamps.

Lamp Life:  Up to 20,000 hours, under optimum conditions, see Relamping.

Ballast:  Quality American manufactured units featuring electronically regulated lamp energization, reduced harmonic distortion for prevention of interference with sensitive electronic scanning systems, and a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Physical Specifications

Reflective Subject Mounting:  Standard Bogen 5/8M rapidaptor on angle adjustable/lockable yoke suitable for Bogen light stand or Super Boom (not supplied).  Barn Door kit supplied as standard accessory.

Transmissive Subject Mounting:  The transparency kit, consisting of mounts, a 38 X 43cm (15 X 17in.) diffuser and diffuser shields with apertures of 6 X 6 in. and 9 X 11 in., is available as an optional accessory.  Diffuser shields may be fitted with precision transparency mounts (not supplied) when registration or repeatability is critical.

Construction:  Built in the U.S.A. of high quality, low reflective painted aluminum, with special attention to weight and strength.  Design allows simple change-over to accommodate mounting and lighting options.

Dimensions: (Base Unit Only, no accessories installed)

    Height:       45cm (18.0in)
    Width:        41cm (16.0in)
    Depth:        13cm (5.0in.)
    Weight:        7kg (15lbs.)

Thermal:  Due to the high efficiency of both the solid-state ballasts and the OSRAM DULUX®L Lamps, the K-Lite case temperature never exceeds a touchable level.  Other than allowing an unblocked air-flow to the unit, no special provisions are required.

Additional Information

Operating Positions / Photometric Stability:  Universal.  When mounted vertically, OSRAM recommends a lamp-base up position for optimal photometric stability.  Stability is achieved after ten minutes of operation without changing unit position.

Illumination Pattern and Intensity Graphic:  

Test conditions: 

Relamping Graphic:  

Relamping is recommended after 12,000 hours (more than 90% of lamps survive at 90% lumen output).

Safety: Constructed of UL listed electrical components.

Preliminary Product Data:  Specifications contained herein are subject to change in the interest of product improvement.


Dulux is a registered trademark of the OSRAM/SYLVANIA Corporation.  Special Power Distribution and Lumen Maintenance Data are courtesy of the OSRAM/SYLVANIA Corporation.


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